What We Do?

We have two main offerings that are often used for marketing or special occasions are

  • Premium personalized products that reflect their brand values.

  • Custom signs that align with the branding or aesthetic of a setting.

What materials do we work with? 

Practically everything you can imagine! We often end up working with wood, stainless steel products, acrylics, and glass. But we can also engrave and cut rubber, vegan leather, silicone, foam, and corrugated plastics.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We believe we can bring your vision to life by allowing you to decide how involved you want to be without affecting the quality of our products. Here is what we do -

  • Our work involves visualization and making things that may not exist yet. Our processes involve making sure your questions are answered every step of the way and you feel confident in the design choices we make.

  • We provide you the flexibility of procuring your products or choosing the products you want to use. But at the same time, we are happy to take the task off your hands and either procure products of your choice or use our curated list of blanks and materials to create what you want.

  • We will actively look for way to make it better and act as consultants in making sure your goals are met.  

Our Process

  • We first gather your requirements and get you to answer a few questions to help us get the information we need to start designing. 
  • We might have a call to discuss our plan of action
  • We share a digital mockup to show what the product or sign would look like.
  • We do tests and proofs for personalized products to show you how the actual product will look before we start the batch, to be absolutely sure that you are satisfied with the way the final products will look like. 
  • We maintain clear communication about timelines and delivery so you are well informed about the project every step of the way.

How did it start?

When I was in the third grade, I started a shop to hand out custom made greeting cards to anyone who needed it! Being technologically oriented, I pursued engineering and started what was supposed to be my steady, lucrative job as a software engineer in India straight out of college in 2007. Everything was going as per the plan! However, I kept thinking about doing "something else". After switching careers and learning a whole bunch of things along the way, I still kept looking for "something else". Fast forward to 2019, I am married with kids and the pandemic hits. I give up my career fully to be a stay-at-home mom. While at home, I decide to make my own home decor as a hobby and got a laser machine to make custom signs for my kids. I enjoy doing it so I made a few more to gift to other people. And that's where Laser Luxe Studios was born. I quickly realized I can truly add value to businesses by not only creating signs but also other products that their business can use by being brand aware.

P.S. As of right now, I am not looking for "something else" :)